The purpose and characteristics of the universal tool microscope

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Universal tool microscope is education instrument that was widely used in teaching laboratory and laboratory. We must know the using knowledge when use universal tool microscope especial the purpose and characteristics.


It cans accurate measurement all kinds of work piece dimension, angle, shape and position and thread work piece of various parameter. Apply to engineering industry, precison,mould manufacture, instrument and meter manufature,military industry, aerospace and car manufacture, electron industry, plastic and rubber of measuring room, inspection station and college, scientific research institutions. It can have a quality inspection and control for machine parts ,measuring tool,cutter,clamp.mould,electron component,circuit wafer,pressing plate, plastic and rubber. Biological microscope.


1.It with powerful image processing software. It can achieve complex measurement, saftware data, CAD communication and mapping.

2.Adopt for import precision optical grating system as measuring element. Having low heat value,slushing,fouling resistant,vibration strength and many advantages.

3.Adopt for semiconductor laser as guide. It used for make sure measuring parts quickly and improved location images of efficiency.

4.The software adopts for digital image technology that automatic identification outline edge, reducing personal error, improving operation efficiency.

5.It with digital readout circular dividing table and height measurement device,angle and height all are digital readout that was intuitive and convenient.

6.The lighting device adopt for LED fiber optical illuminator,low heat value, long service life

7.Retain eyepiece optical system as an auxiliary viewpoint and it can fast switch.

8.The main microscope can deflect left and right, adopt for heliciform parts measurement.

9., Zoom Lens,FF07 Series Fluorescent Stereo Microscope


The typical measurement object

Measurement all kinds of metal workpiece,stamping parts, plastic of diameter,length,

angle,point position and so on.

Measurement all kinds of molding parts such as sample plate, turning tools sample, milling cutter sample, stamping and cam of shape.

Measurement all kinds of parts of two-dimension form and location tolerance.

Measurement all kinds of gear cutter hob of head, tooth form and thread angle.

Measurement all kinds of cutter, mould,measurement of geometrical parameter.

Measurement all kinds of printed circuit board of wire length and width, distance and element welding point of side and position.

Measurement all kinds of screw plug gauge,screw rod and worm and out thread of intermediate diameter,major diameter, alley diameter, screw pitch,thread form half-angle.

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